History of Bakersfield Racquet Club
Something Special
Not Just Another Tennis Club

BRC is a proud Tennis Club with a rich history. Established in 1947, we’ve been providing Bakersfield with fantastic tennis for 74 years running.


“Our original goal was a club where tennis and friendship are the major things: a club where all members are equally important, and a club where your kids want to be and where you want them to be…I think we have come close.” Lake Lovelace

NOTE – This – “This photo is the 1968 Davis Cup.” – was on the original page, but there is no actual photo on the page.. ?????? Is the a 1968 Davis Cup Photo Somewhere?????

Note: This News Report is from July 8, 2016. The “Match Point Grill” is now
“The Banyard at Match Point Grill.” Grill.