BRC Rental Agreement

Bakersfield Racquet Club

Date of Event:____________________ Type of Event:____________________________
Time of Event:____________________ (This includes set up & clean up)
Primary Contact______________________________________________________________
Phone____________________# of Attendees:________# of Tables and Chairs____________

Rental Terms:
Rental includes; tables (10-8 ft. rectangular and or 12-60”rounds ), chairs, patio furniture, trash cans/bags, use of restrooms. Rental does not include security, decorations or linens.
Decorations may only be attached with 3m non-destructive products, no staples or nails. Confetti, rice, birdseed or similar products are prohibited. All decorations must be removed (including tape) by the end of the hall rental term.
Alcohol is limited to beer, wine and champagne. No alcohol may be sold by lessee at event.
No Smoking is permitted anywhere on BRC property, including parking lot.
Restrooms will be available during the events designated time. Restrooms are assessed as part of the room, so please keep them clean. Excessive mess may result in loss of deposit.
BRC Representative is responsible for inspecting premises and locking facilities after event. Lights, air condition or heating, and other utilities are only to be adjusted by BRC representative.
Music, live or recorded, must be set up inside and kept at a reasonable volume and must end by 11pm.
Tennis courts, gym and swimming pool are off limits. Children must be supervised at all times.
Lifeguard will be posted at poolside if children, under the age of 14 will be attending the event and your event includes use of the poolside patio. The charge will be $20.00 per hour.

Renter must provide Certificate of Liability Ins., listing BRC as additional insured.

$800 for 4 hours
$1,000 for 8 hours
If your business or organization is interested in holding a meeting, we offer hourly rates. Price is based on specific needs and equipment.

$200 refundable Cleaning Deposit due at contract signing. Non-refundable if cancellation made less than 7 days prior to event. This deposit will be returned after event and room is inspected for damage to facility.

All fees are due and payable one week before event.

Additional Rental Prices
Bar – $75
Audio System (must use own laptop/phone) – $100
Outdoor heaters – $75.00 each
Security Guards – $50 per hour
Lifeguard – $20 per Lifeguard per hour

By signing this agreement, the above party and their guests acknowledges that he/she releases Bakersfield Racquet Club, it’s officers, and employees and anyone else acting on it’s behalf of all liability. The renting party and their guests accepts full responsibility for any and all such damages or injury.

Total – $_______________________
Deposit – $_______________________ Date Paid_________________
Balance – $_______________________ Due______________________Date Paid____________

Renter’s Signature____________________________________________________________

Printed Name________________________________________________________________

Manager’s Signature___________________________________________________________

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