Pickleball Lessons &  Drills Available

In order to better serve the BRC pickleball player  Maddie Jayne, a certified PPR Pickleball Coach can teach you.  Maddie Jayne has been studying the game of pickleball intensively with the purpose of creating an avenue for players to continue to grow and advance their games.  Over the past year, she has been breaking down every shot and strategy into its finest detail and tying it into lesson sequences, drills and challenges for all levels, from the beginner to advanced player. Maddie studied with Sarah Ansboury, a world renown pickleball player.  She will be offering pickleball lessons and drills to all who are interested in advancing their game. Maddie is a 4.5 player and travels all over to compete in several tournaments, usually bringing home a medal.

The following options are available: all sessions are one hour.

  • Private; $40/member….$45/non-member                                                                                                             Semi Private (2); $25 ea. per person/hour (member)                                   $30 ea/non-member
  • Small Group (3-4); $15 ea. per person/hour (member)                               $20 ea/non-member
  • Drills 6-8 players $10 member….$15 non-member
  • Semi private is a good option for teams preparing for tournaments.
  • Put together a small group of friends you plan to play with.

To set up a session or to inquire, call the club and leave your name and number; you will soon be contacted, or call or text                                    Maddie at  ‭(661) 243-6842

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Maddie Jayne
PPR Pickleball Coach & Pickleball Activities Coordinator

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